A Socially Responsible Company

We offer environmentally friendly household products,
but is that enough?

Planet Inc. was founded in 1989 by a group of friends who were concerned about water and soil pollution. The company began by creating a line of certified 100% biodegradable household cleaners, which quickly became popular in grocery stores and natural products stores. Then in 2005, we purchased the Green Forest brand of recycled household tissue products from a large international paper corporation and immediately worked towards upgrading the environmental characteristics of the brand. Today, the Planet and Green Forest brands create a strong complimentary portfolio of environmentally friendly household cleaning products and are sold nationally across the United States.

We acknowledge that our accountability to the earth and the creatures that live on it extends beyond our products. We believe that companies must be part of the solution to environmental challenges, not only by what they make, but how they make it. We also believe that companies should contribute to society and to the environment by their own actions and by helping fund the activities of non-profit organizations that focus all of their skills and energies on important environmental issues.

Even though we are a small company, especially when compared to the enormous corporations in the household products industry, we continually strive to be the best corporate citizens that we can be.
Here are some examples of the steps we are taking in the ongoing journey towards that goal.

Certification & Awards

  • Greenpeace ranks Green Forest as the top brand of recycled paper tissue products in their Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide, due to Green Forest’s 90% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. Green Forest has the highest PCR content of any widely distributed paper tissue brand in the United States.

  • Green Forest 100% recycled paper products received the top rating ("green") in the
    Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) “A Shopper’s Guide to Home Tissue Products”.

  • Planet 100% biodegradable household cleaning products are independently certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a global leader in independent certification and verification of environmental, sustainability, stewardship, food quality, food safety and food purity claims.

  • Planet Inc./Green Forest successfully passed Green America’s screening process for membership and qualified to be listed in the National Green Pages™. Qualification criteria included demonstrating a "focus on using business as a tool for positive social change", and being "socially and environmentally responsible in the way they source, manufacture, and market their products and run their offices and factories."

  • Planet 100% biodegradable household cleaning products meet the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) Corporate Standard for Compassion for Animals (the Leaping Bunny Standard), the most internationally recognized pledge to ban animal testing from all stages of product development. Planet is listed in the CCIC "Compassionate Shopping Guide".

  • Planet Inc. received an “Innovative Achievement Award” from the Green Building Pages for our company-wide alternative transportation program. Planet and Green Forest products are also listed in the Green Building Pages "Green Products" database.

Energy Use & CO2 Emission Reduction

  • We encourage all employees to use alternative transportation methods. This is supported by the location of our corporate office near wheelchair accessible city transit and a major bicycle/pedestrian commuter trail. Nearly half of our employees regularly commute by bicycle, city transit, car-pooling or walking, which reduces the energy use and carbon footprint of our office.

  • We carefully planned our office lighting to lower energy consumption. Skylights, large windows, and glass office doors allow generous amounts of natural light to diffuse throughout the office interior, reducing the need for artificial lighting. In addition, we installed new lighting technology that provides up to 20% increased energy efficiency over conventional lighting systems. Dimmer switches throughout the office allow employees to adjust lighting levels based on actual need. All of this translates into less energy used and a smaller carbon footprint for our office.

  • When attending trade shows and consumer shows, Planet/Green Forest rents re-usable display booths instead of building our own display booths. This saves shipping bulky and heavy equipment across the country, minimizing both energy and CO2 emissions.

  • Our new Planet 2X Ultra Laundry Detergent HE has more active ingredients per measure. So a new 50-ounce bottle does the same amount of laundry (32 loads) as an old 100-ounce liquid laundry bottle. And because the new 50-ounce bottle is half the size, we can fit twice as many bottles in a truck, reducing by half the amount of energy and CO2 emissions required for shipping.

  • We re-configured product shipping designs so that more Planet and Green Forest products can fit on a pallet and in a truck. This reduces the number of pallets used (less wood), and maximizes shipping efficiencies (less energy and CO2).

Recycling & Waste Reduction

  • The cores of Green Forest bathroom tissue and paper towel rolls are made from 100% recycled cardboard, with 75% PCR content. Green Forest facial tissue boxes are made from 75% recycled cardboard, with 65% PCR content. The cores and tissue boxes can both be recycled after use.

  • The exterior packaging on Green Forest bathroom tissue, paper towels and paper napkins is made from LDPE #4 (low density polyethylene). This packaging is completely recyclable and may be recycled at a facility that recycles soft plastics, such as plastic grocery store bags.

  • The new Planet 2X Ultra Laundry Detergent HE has a concentrated product formula, which means less liquid is required for the same cleaning power. So larger bottles are replaced by smaller bottles, resulting in a savings of materials and less waste.

  • All Planet and Green Forest product packaging materials - boxes, bottles, and other packaging components - are manufactured using the maximum possible amounts of recycled materials, and may be recycled where facilities exist.

  • Planet Inc. strives to do business in a paper-efficient manner. We have established electronic business procedures with many of our customers, which reduces the amount of paperwork generated on a daily basis. We also encourage our suppliers to use paper-efficient business procedures when interacting with us, even if it's as small as combining multiple invoices into one envelope. Every little bit helps!

Actively Support Environmental & Social Champions

  • For every package of Planet or Green Forest that you buy, we donate a portion of the sale to River Network, a leading non-profit conservation organization that works to protect and restore the rivers and waterways throughout the United States.

  • Planet Inc. regularly contributes to Earthjustice, a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the environment, natural resources, and wildlife through the courts on behalf of citizen groups, scientists, and other parties.

  • We donate product to numerous non-profit environmental and community groups to help with their fundraising efforts.

A Fair & Fun Workplace

  • Planet Inc. is committed to equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants. We support diversity in the workplace, including age, gender, ethnicity and religion, and our workplace reflects these values.

  • Planet Inc. far exceeds commonly accepted equity standards in that the highest paid full-time employee earns less than four times the amount of the lowest paid full-time employee.

  • Planet Inc. offers all employees an attractive benefits package, a team atmosphere, flexible work hours, and a casual work environment.